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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2006Water a shared responsibility: The United Nations world water development report 2ONU-Agua
2009-09Water level fluctuations in a coastal lagoon: El Yali Ramsar wetland, ChileGaldames, Pablo; Alejandro, Dussaillant; Sun, Chi
2009Water, wetlands and forests: A review of ecological, economic and policy linkagesSecretaría del Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica
2012Waterbird populations estimates: Fifth edition, summary reportWetlands International
2008-04Waterbird response to wetlands restored through the conservation reserve enhancement programO'Neal, Benjamin; Heske, Edward; Stafford, Joshua
2011Waterbirds as bioindicators of wetland heavy metal pollutionZhang, Wei Wei; Ma, Jian Zhang
2009-01Wet and wonderful: The world's largest wetlands are conservation prioritiesKeddy, Paul; Fraser, Lauchlan; Solomeshch, Ayzik; Junk, Wolfgang; Campbell, Daniel; Arroyo, Mary; Alho, Cleber
2009-04Wetland and water dynamics in small tropical headwater catchments of the AndesRoa García, Cecilia
2013-04-22Wetland biomass - suitable for biogas production?Raj Akula, Viswa
2012-09Wetland chronosequence as a model of peatland development: Vegetation succession, peat and carbon accumulationTuittila, Eeva-Stiina; Juutinen, Sari; Frolking, Steve; Väliranta, Minna; Laine, Anna; Miettinen, Antti; Seväkivi, Marja-Liisa; Quillet, Anne; Merilä, Päivi
1995-09Wetland conservation in British Columbia: The role of environmental non-government organizations in Burns BogEmile Delesalle, Bruno Philippe
2017-02Wetland ecosystem services and the Ramsar Convention: An assessment of needsMcInnes, Robert; Simpson, Matthew; López, Beatriz; Hawkins, Robbie; Shore, Robert
2008Wetland management: Planning a guide for site managersChatterjee, Archana; Phillips, Bill; Stroud, David; Alberts, Frank; Hails, Sandra; Minaeva, Tatiana; Pittock, Jamie; Prietto, Christine; Tunde, Ojei
2001-12Wetland plant responses to soil floodingPezeshki, Reza
2005-07Wetland resources: Status, trends, ecosystem services, and restorabilityZedler, Joy; Kercher, Suzanne
1999-12Wetland restoration: The potential for assembly rules in the service of conservationKeddy, Paul
2017-07Wetland salinity induces sex-dependent carry-over effects on the individual performance of a long-distance migrantMasero, José; Abad Gómez, José; Gutiérrez, Jorge; Santiago Quesada, Francisco; Senner, Nathan; Sánchez Guzmán, Juan; Piersma, Theunis; Schroeder, Julia; Amat, Juan; Villegas, Auxiliadora
2017-09Wetland science and practice [ol. 34, No. 3, September 2017]Society of Wetland Scientists
2011-12Wetland science and practice [Vol. 28, No. 4, December 2011]Society of Wetland Scientists
2012-03Wetland science and practice [Vol. 29, No. 1, March 2012]Society of Wetland Scientists