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Título : Cumulative impacts on water quality functions of wetlands
Autor : Hemond, Harold
Benoit, Janina
Palabras clave : Estados Unidos
Calidad del Agua
Ciclo Hidrológico
Gestión Ambiental
Tratamiento de Desechos
Fecha de publicación : sep-1988
Editorial : Environmental Management
Resumen : The total effect of cumulative impacts on the water quality functions of wetlands cannot be predicted from the sum of the effects each individual impact would have by itself. The wetland is not a simple filter; it embodies chemical, physical, and biotic processes that can detain, transform, release, or produce a wide variety of substances. Because wetland water quality functions result from the operation of many individual, distinct, and quite dissimilar mechanisms, it is necessary to consider the nature of each individual process. Sound knowledge of the various wetland processes is needed to make guided judgements about the probable effects of a given suite of impacts. Consideration of these processes suggests that many common wetland alterations probably do entail cumulative impact. In addition to traditional assessment methods, the wetland manager may need to obtain appropriate field measurements of water quality-related parameters at specific sites; such data can aid in predicting the effects of cumulative impact or assessing the results of past wetland management.
URI : http://biblioteca.cehum.org/handle/CEHUM2018/1461
ISSN : 0301-4797
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