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Título : Distribution and seasonal fluctuations in the aquatic biodiversity of the southern Altiplano
Autor : Márquez-García, Marcela
Vila, Irma
Hinojosa, Luis Felipe
Méndez, Marco
Carvajal, José Luis
Sabando, María Catalina
Palabras clave : Chile
Región XV
Región I
Región II
Indicadores Ambientales
Ecosistema Acuático
Fecha de publicación : 4-dic-2009
Resumen : We compared the distribution and seasonal fluctuations in the aquatic biota in relation to chemical and physical water variables in the Altiplano watersheds of the Ascotán, Carcote and Huasco salars; Chungará and Cotacotani lakes; Isluga and Lauca Rivers and the Parinacota wetland. We sampled during the austral autumn–winter of 2006 and in the spring–summer of 2006–2007, using three sampling stations for each system. We used canonical correspondence analysis to establish relations between frequency of taxa and environmental variables. We demonstrate that the structure and composition of the aquatic biota in humid areas of the Altiplano is determined by physical and chemical variables of the water. The most relevant one is total nitrogen, which is also the limiting nutrient for phytoplankton production in tropical systems. Benthos and zooplankton showed significant associations with the set of environmental variables (Monte Carlo test, p<0.05); however, the association was not significant for phytoplankton. Lake Chungará showed the greatest variation in composition and abundance of zooplankton between autumn-winter and spring-summer, while in the Huasco salar the physical and chemical characteristics were related to the composition and abundance of the benthonic fauna. Thus, changes in the water volume of these systems would have repercussions in chemical and physical variables, altering the species assemblage and possibly the efficiency and stability of ecosystem functions
URI : http://biblioteca.cehum.org/handle/CEHUM2018/1465
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